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Timber Flooring Bayswater

Timber Flooring Bayswater

Beautiful Timber Flooring in Bayswater

At Reds Timber Flooring, we take pride that many commercial and residential builders in Bayswater come to us for timber flooring. With 34 years of experience, we know how to source quality timber flooring. We guarantee that we will provide unmatched services and products. Reds Timber Flooring began as a one-person residential business, focusing on sanding and sealing existing timber floors. The company has grown over the years to become one of West Australia’s most respected flooring contractors.

The owner, Douglas, has prior experience as a cabinet maker, meaning he knows everything about timbers. Reds Timber Flooring has done many jobs for some of the most prestigious and awarded builders in Perth, focusing on solid local wood and timber staircases. Douglas has divided the company into two to enable our team to offer services efficiently. One side handles high-end development, while the other deals with smaller builders like house renovations and new builds.

Benefits of Timber Flooring in Bayswater

No flooring material can combine the enduring magnificence and sheer strength of timber flooring in Bayswater. The material is robust and makes your property glow. Whether engineered or solid, the timber floor is also highly durable and resistant to daily wear and tear. Their natural state allows them to hold warmth better than other artificial laminates, tiles or stone. This makes your room comfortable to live in, especially during the colder months. Timber requires less maintenance and cleaning since it is resistant to liquid spills and dirt. You can wipe or brush dirt and liquid spill away without damaging the surface.

Wood floors have a timeless appeal that most people overlook. Unlike carpets and linoleum, timber does not suffer from going in and out of fashion. You will never find two similar planks. So, the colour and shade variance adds authenticity and a natural appeal to your floor. These benefits prove that timber flooring is an excellent investment that will not disappoint.

Timber Flooring Bayswater
Timber Flooring Bayswater

Excellent Timber Flooring Experts in Bayswater

Price and budget is always a factor when purchasing flooring material. Fortunately, our timber flooring in Bayswater has various price brackets, from inexpensive to pricier options. We guarantee you will always find something to suit your budget and style. We have been installing solid wood floors since the early 1990s. We know that many changes have occurred in the industry. However, we have continuously engaged in some skills and requirements.

First, we must survey the floor to ensure it is level, within A/S guidelines, and suitable for fixing a timber floor. Second, we must include a moisture barrier to all floors that will be bonded over a concrete sub-straight. This ensures that the floor is stable since we will restrict moisture from evaporating. Lastly, we have chosen to install timber floors when delivered and leave for about two weeks to acclimatise in situ.

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