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St. James Flooring

St. James Flooring

Flooring Professionals in St James

Please do not go past Reds Timber Flooring when looking for flooring experts in St James. We are market leaders in the flooring industry with a commitment to customer service. Our team can handle every aspect of your project as if it were our own. Reds Timber Flooring was established in 1988 as a small one-person residential business focused on sanding and sealing existing timber floors. The owner, Douglas, realised the advantage of having one contractor to supply, install, and finish the timber floors. He developed from a one-person business to become one of the most respected flooring contractors in West Australia.

Over the years, Reds Timber Flooring has done many jobs for the most prestigious builders. We focus on solid local timbers and timber staircases. We have also divided our business into two to offer our services efficiently. One side deals with significant development and high-end multi-story apartments, while the other handles smaller projects like shop fit-outs and renovations.

Reasons to Work with a Flooring Expert in St James

Flooring installation in your St James property requires experience, time, and the right equipment. A professional will improve your property’s appearance and value. So, it is better to avoid the DIY route since you will face many challenges. Here are the reasons to work with a flooring expert.
• Professional Recommendation
Our team will help you understand the pros and cons of flooring materials to choose the right one for your property.
• Quick Installation
A flooring expert will use the perfect strategy when installing your flooring to save time. This will allow you to concentrate on other activities.
• Organised Schedule
Flooring installation involves critical elements like the completion duration and budget. A professional will develop an organised schedule that matches your plan.
• Safety
Flooring installation can be dangerous, especially for beginners. An experienced contractor will use personal protective equipment to enhance their safety.

St. James Flooring
St. James Flooring

Contacting Our St James Flooring Experts

Reds Timber Flooring specialise in supplying and installing timber flooring for our St James commercial and residential clients. We offer complete timber flooring by supplying many species of solid timber flooring in local and imported varieties. We also provide a range of engineered flooring to fit many styles and budgets. We will complete your floor to the highest quality with the best two-pack water-based polyurethane on the market.

Our team does not shy away from a job. We will handle any project, from the smallest to the most complex. We have many qualities that distinguish us from other flooring contractors. Our team is happy to discuss these qualities with you when we come on-site to offer a free no-obligation quote. Please speak to us today to see how we can help you.

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