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Blackbutt Flooring Perth

Blackbutt Flooring Perth

Blackbutt Flooring Specialists in Perth

Blackbutt is a solid South Australian timber that provides an excellent flooring option for your Perth home or business. This timber species is found naturally in Perth and is known for its hardiness and durability. Blackbutt flooring has a rich brown colour that creates light energy and a beautiful warm feeling in your home. Our experts can help you install Blackbutt flooring in your home or office. We have been in the industry since 1988, which means we have a wealth of experience in the flooring industry.

Reds Timber Flooring began as a small one-person residential business owned by Douglas Pollitt. Douglas has experience as a cabinet maker and knows a lot about timber. He saw the importance of having one contractor install and finish floors to ensure total quality control. Reds Timber Flooring has developed to become the most respected contractor in Western Australia.

Everything About Blackbutt Flooring in Perth

Our team specialises in solid local and timber staircases. We work with residential and commercial clients to meet their flooring needs. Our team has a keen eye for details, which is why we are the leading flooring business in Perth. We deal with all types of flooring since we manufacture solid timber and high-end engineered flooring. Blackbutt is the hardest of the light-coloured timbers, and we can make a beautiful floor from it. Our flooring experts in Perth love Blackbutt since it is durable and looks fantastic. The timber can fit into any home or office and deliver exceptional results.

Most people love Blackbutt because of its attractiveness and consistency. The hardwood has straight grains and an even texture, giving you various design choices. Blackbutt is resilient against pests and can endure heavy traffic. You will get excellent value for your money if you choose this timber for your floor. Please count on Reds Timber Flooring if you want Blackbutt flooring.

Blackbutt Flooring Perth
Blackbutt Flooring Perth

Reasons to Choose Blackbutt Flooring in Perth

Do you want quality timber flooring? If so, choose our experienced team in Perth to install Blackbutt flooring for you. Most homeowners use Blackbutt to give their homes a greater degree of style. A Blackbutt floor is functional, beautiful, and will meet your expectations. The warmth and adaptability of the hardwood make it ideal for interior applications. Its natural beauty is perfect for your living room and bedroom. You can also use it for outdoor decking since it is durable.

At Reds Timber Flooring, we are professional flooring contractors. We are ready to install, sand, and finish your Blackbutt flooring. Our experience and skills ensure no delays or errors in the process. We aim to help you improve your home’s appeal. Our team is always up for a challenge and is never afraid of new projects. Let us help you achieve your dream floor.

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